Shijiazhuang Fubang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd, to create the most perfec jade plate,veneer pattern using the world's top premium stone, appearance is similar with natural stone, but also offset the deficiencies of natural stone, high light sensitivity, distinguished and luxurious. Apply to decorate for hotels, KTV, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, domestic background walls etc, top grade decoration.

The EOP microcrystalline panel is made of 12 kinds high polymer material and pvc, high temperature extrusion, hot melted by pvc film, no use of alcohol and lead, total environmental friendly. The surface technology is introduced from Europe, with 100% waterproof, non-sink, good transparent, high fullness, high hardness, mar-resistance, fireproof and free from extraneous odour.
The EOP microcrystalline panel can replace natural marble, wood, tile, gypsum, aluminium-plastic panel, widely used in interior wall decoration, including tunnel, metro, airport, shopping mall, hostipal, KTV, office, kitchen, washing room, laboratory. It has the price and dimension advantage comparing to natural marble and tiles, the best choice for interior wall decoration.
1. Since the material is high polymer, 100% waterproof, do not mould, pass the immersion test.
2. The finish is high clear, 3-D percept, 95% simulation degree.
3. Special UV processed finish, makes the surface smoothly,mar-resistance, easy to clean.
4. The color design is scaned by imported jade grain, gorgeous, top grade and do not fade.
5. Resistance to acid and alkali, do not fade.
6. Replace traditional density UV board, wood shaving UV board, UV UV board, melamine UV board, solid wood UV board, crystal, aluminous model board, cement fiberboard stone plate, these materials are low clear, bad 3-D percept, high price.
7. Replace artificial marble, marble tiles, wood floors, these materials are high prices, hard to cut and install.
Product installation:
1.inside wall use: If there is a layer of cement mortar of the MAO embryo wall, smooth and sand without fall off, paste directly into the wall. The glue used for is silicone structural adhesive; if the wall is not smooth, need to make a layer thickness of more than 5 mile joinery board, and then paste.
2.Background wall use: Carpentry board after completes the modeling framework, directly into carpentry board. Use the structure glue, nail glue, all-purpose adhesive all is ok.
3.Products use woodworking saws cutting, can nail can dig can drill can edge grinding.

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